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When a young person says, “there’s no opportunity,” I get sad and angry at the same time. There has never been so much demand for digital transformation. Every industry and every component of every company in every industry is frantically trying to rebuild themselves into a digital enterprise.

Everything from social media marketing automation to programmatic advertising automation programming and CRM systems from Salesforce or Oracle, everything is getting upgraded.

Sure, you probably are not going to get yourself in the door to meet a powerful CEO or CXO. But you sure can get a job at a major consulting firm who already has a relationship with corporate decision makers.

These decision makers will need major back office and front office automation. The automation process is crucial to compete with the new batch of startups who are built from the ground up all digital.

The transformation to machine learning and artificial intelligence is happening quickly. After a few crash courses in Python and PHP, you should be able to join a IT consulting team who is making a huge difference now.


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