Kevin Interview | kantonyp

Hi, What Do You Do?

We provide the Pallet Puller for out of reach pallets on a Transit or Sprinter type vehicle.

What Are The Biggest Challenges In Your Industry?

Getting the industries management to recognise the Pallet Pulling action.

What Makes You Different Than Your Competitors?

We are the first to provide you with a full description on how to use the tool safety.
Our tool goes to the central stump of the pallet, making for a better weight distribution. Our strap goes to the forklift truck, secured with a safety hook.
Replacing the rope that you would pull from the front stump, standing next to the forklift, holding onto the strap

What Are Your Goals?

To make difference in the pallet delivery industry worldwide.

What and Who Do You Need to Reach Your Goals FAST?

Logistics and delivery company exposure at management level.
Plus, Commercial van distributor, recognition of the tool.

What Can You Do For People Who Contact You?

Offer a new and faster way of working with pallets. Plus a discount incentive on introduction and multiple purchases.

Contact me at

Or purchase at SCREWFIX

Thank you!


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