Giuseppe Lepore Interview | heresGiuseppe

Hi, What Do You Do?

Work with at risk youths. Through our mission statement at, we try to empower youths with the 21st century tools. We like to use 3D Printing to encourage creativity and foster a greater desire to learn of the skills necessary to maintain the tools they’ve learned to use.

What Are The Biggest Challenges In Your Industry?

Funding is always a challenge as this is run by volunteers and students who are part of the engineering program at the University of Ottawa.

What Makes You Different Than Your Competitors?

We believe we are leaders in our volunteer efforts so we really do not see any competitors in our space.

What Are Your Goals?

Enrich the lives and minds of these youths to seek continued knowledge in order to foster a greater future for themselves.

What and Who Do You Need to Reach Your Goals FAST?

As with all volunteer programs , funding, equipment, volunteers……

What Can You Do For People Who Contact You?

Direct them to our web page in order to get a better understanding of our goals and where we stand in the community.

Thank you!


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