BellaLuna X Interview | @SUpeppermint

Hi, What Do You Do?

What we do: keep humans from getting their Inner Space hacked.

Research & Development for Multisensory Systems, Brain-Computer Interface, Artificial Intelligence, NeuroGaming and NeuroMarketing integration.

Future Studies and Forecasting /
Future Crimes

What Are The Biggest Challenges In Your Industry?

Biggest challenges are that the mass populations do not know and cannot fathom where technology is truly at and its potential ability to disrupt the human race.

There is also the problem of developing immersive Virtual Reality technologies with Multisensory systems that will become highly addictive and have a profound psychological impact.

Transitioning from the Age of Wearables to the Age of Implantables could potentially lead to serious problems in security, cybercrimes, and human hacking.

What Makes You Different Than Your Competitors?

The jobs of tomorrow didn’t exist before.

With shifting technological, social, cultural and critical mass change, those jobs are beginning to form and come to light.

There is no competition as of now.

What Are Your Goals?

To provide an Open Source space for Edu-tainment using Virtual Reality immersion. As well as to educate the masses on how to protect the tech that will be in their bodies without need to resort to Google’s Artificial Intelligence agents who have the ability to modify their own code (unintended by their programmers).

What and Who Do You Need to Reach Your Goals FAST?

$100M investment – not from Google or a government organization.

Access to a DWave Quantum Computer

An R&D Facility

What Can You Do For People Who Contact You?

Innovation Consulting, Virtual Reality Content Development and Sourcing, IT/Security Sourcing, Virtual World Development and Sourcing, Social Media and Public Relations Consulting.

Thank you!


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