Smart CCTV Features FRS Facial Recognition VRS Voice Recognition Vehicle Identification


Human airport security can visually inspect 1 camera at a time. Many known terrorists and fugitives slip through international airport security because human security just can’t screen everyone.

Smart CCTV systems can.

Smart CCTV systems feature FRS or Facial Recognition Systems, VRS or Voice Recognition Systems (matching fugitives’ or terrorists’ voice prints with audio recordings in law enforcement databases), and Event / Action Recognition Systems. Event or Action Recognition uses pixel analytics across multiple video footage frames to detect if a fire, scuffle, theft, battle, collision, earthquake, or other event has occurred.

These recognition systems are powered by complex computer algorithms designed to find, match, and finally identify what’s being recorded with anything it’s programmed to match against.

This is where human security officials are crucial.

Smart CCTV algorithms are built and coded by teams of scientists and programmers — humans. They will generate false positives. Human security camera room operators are needed to confirm and authorize law enforcement or medical staff deployment to the site in question.

That means that 90% of the video surveillance staff working in camera rooms are now unnecessary.


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